Welcome Aboard!

US Naval Sea Cadet Corps Manatee Division

We're a program for youth 10-17 years old who are looking for a challenge and some adventure.  We meet once a month on weekends and learn what it's like to be in the Maritime Services like the Navy or Coast Guard.  You get a chance to see what life is like in the service, get treated like adults, and earn some respect. Learn what it means to have Honor, Courage, and Commitment!

Be sure to find out about the program at: www.seacadets.org

We know that our program isn't for everyone. In fact, we don't
want just anyone to join! We are looking for the people who are looking for us.
We want people who are looking for  a challenge based on the maritime services.

Manatee Division drills at Coast Guard Station Yankeetown, Florida usually on the second weekend of each month. 

Interested in becoming a cadet?  Click the "Join" link up top. Already in Scouts, 4H, Boys and Girls Club, or sports? That's OK, most of our cadets are, too!  Just like in the military, you can have other outside interests and hobbies.  We just give you one more way to have fun, make new friends, and have new challenges.

Want to learn more about the Sea Cadets? Go to the national website at: www.seacadets.org

Uniforms/Unlimited Opportunities
Self Confidence Building

Naval Heritage and Traditions
Advancement Opportunities
Visit Military Commands
Advanced Training Opportunities
Leadership Training

Service Opportunities
Enjoy Meeting New People
Armed Services Affiliation

Community Service
Develop Self-discipline
Employment Insight

Command Opportunities
Organization Training
Social Opportunities


Congratulations to Petty Officer Third Class Keene for earning his crows.

Check out the newest issue of the Sea Cadet Quarterly. The national news magazine of the Sea Cadets!


Thanks to the Beverley Hills VFW Post for their recent generous donation as well as awarding 3 of our cadets citations for their leadership and community service.    

Thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary Unity for their recent generous donation.

                                BUDDY AND FRED's HARDWARE
            US Hwy 19 N. Inglis, Florida in the Food Ranch Plaza

Buddy and Fred's has generously donated supplies to Manatee Division field exercises. 

Lions Clubs International logo.svg
The Inglis Yankeetown Lions Club has generously donated use of their club house for several years for cadets during our drill weekends. This support has allowed us to more effectively provide training to our cadets and host events for our unit. 

Navy League of the United States
The Tampa Council of the Navy League Tampa provides annual support to our division.