Command History

Command Succession:
October 2006-Initial Unit Formation
LCDR Myron Wambold, NSCC Commanding Officer
ENS Sharp, NSCC Executive Officer
2007  ENS Sam Tarascio, NSCC Executive Officer

September 2009
LTJG Todd Dunn, NSCC Commanding Officer
ENS Christy Pusey, NSCC Executive Officer
October 2013 LTJG Geoff Dunn, NSCC Executive Officer
November 2014 INST Scott Arnold Executive Officer

September 2015
LTJG Scott, Arnold, NSCC Commanding Officer
INST Marty Pickard, NSCC Executive Officer

Command Milestones:
OCT 06 - Unit formed under the name Manatee Division
MAY 10 - Unit received a  "Most Improved Unit" rating as one of top 10 most improved in the nation.
AUG 12 - Warrant of Commission issued from National Headquarters
SEP 12 - Commissioning Ceremony at Parson's Memorial Presbyterian Church, next to USCG STA Yankeetown
JAN 13 - Unit awarded its first Unit Commendation Ribbon for Community Service Activities
APR 13 - Unit awarded its second Unit Commendation Ribbon for Excellence in the 2012 inspection year.
MAY 13 - Unit awarded "CERTIFICATE OF HONOR" for attaining a score of 3.5 or higher during the inspection year of 2012.
DEC 13 - Unit created its guidon using its Unit Logo.
JAN 14 - Unit awarded its third Unit Commendation Ribbon
MAY 15 - Unit awarded "CERTIFICATE OF HONOR" for attaining a score of 3.5 or higher during the inspection year of 2014.
JUL 15 - Unit awarded fourth Unit Commmendation Ribbon

In 2006 an article ran in the Citrus County Chronicle indicating that a local division of the U. S. Naval Sea Cadet program was starting up in Citrus County.  The article advised that veterans as well as interested adults could apply to serve as Instructors and/or Officers in the program.  At that time the VFW of Beverly Hills was sponsoring the division.  Our first organizational meetings took place at the VFW and they also gave monies to assist in the start up organization.

This very worthwhile organization was headed up by LCDR Myron Wambold, NSCC.  Together with INST Harvey Dunn and LCDR Walmbold two other adults responded to the advertisement.  Positions of Commanding Officer was filled by LCDR Wambold, Executive Officer by Ens. Sharp, Supply Officer by Ens. Tarascio and Administrative Officer by Inst. H. Dunn.

USCG STA Yankeetown, Yankeetown, Florida opened up their facilities for our drills.  It was determined that the unit would drill on the second weekend of each month from 9 AM until 4 PM both Saturday and Sunday.

Our beginnings were small with around six cadets signed up.  Drills consisted of classes on Naval Orientation, military drill, physical training, and classroom training.

From those humble beginnings we have developed a wonderful working relationship with the Coast Guard Station and its personnel and are a recognized effective youth organization.  We develop young people into responsible young adults.  Along the way we have not only trained youth from Citrus County but also Levy, Marion, Hernando, Alachua and Pasco counties.  

In July of 2012 Manatee Division was recognized as reaching Commissioning Strength of 25 actively enrolled Sea Cadets. In September of 2012, the unit held its Commissioning Ceremony.  In attendance was: LCDR Myron Wambold, NSCC (ret), the founding Commanding Officer, Mr. Chris Paddock, the President of the Central Florida Region of the NLUS, USCG BM1 Michael Greene, XPO of USCG STA Yankeetown, who spoke at the ceremony.

June 2015, Chris Paddock, outgoing president of the Navy League Central Florida asked LCDR Todd Dunn to present the Navy League Scroll of Honor to the crew of STA Yankeetown for their outstanding support of the Sea Cadets and of MANATEE Division. The Scroll of Honor is the second highest award of the Navy League.