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International Exchange Program

US Naval Sea Cadet Corps Manatee Division 
There are Sea Cadet programs in other countries besides the United States.

Maritime countries around the world have similar programs to the Sea Cadets for their youth as well. 

The United States, Canada, Bermuda,  Japan, Belgium, Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, and Australia have conducted an exchange of cadets in order to share their cultures and to create an understanding of their various maritime histories  and sometimes their naval forces.

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps also conducts an Exchange in the United States for visiting cadets from many nations.

The key here is that this International Exchange Program (IEP)
is for senior cadets and especially those who have earned top ribbon awards while in the Sea Cadets. Competition is stiff! Start now trying to earn a spot on this awesome program. 

The training deposit is a little higher than other 2 week long trainings, but almost all the costs of the stay and the travel is underwritten for the cadets and their Escort Officer.

To find out more about the IEP, go to their website: