Recruit & Orientation Training

Recruit and Orientation Training

Orientation Training: League Cadets have the option to attend OT. This is a week long advanced training that introduces cadets to the program.

Recruit Training: Sea Cadets are required to attend RT within the first year of enrollment. This is a 2 week long advanced training that introduces them to the program.

Things To Know

  1. Bring EVERYTHING on the Sea Bag List!
  2. Don't bring ANYTHING that is NOT on the Sea Bag List!
  3. Parents should bring their cadets to RT. If there are problems with the paperwork, you might get it fixed right on the spot. Same for Sea Bag issues.
  4. Start getting in shape now. Start running, doing push-ups, sit-ups, and stretching now. You will feel more comfortable those first few days.
  5. Spend some time outdoors prior to going to RT. Get used to the heat or the cold depending on the season.
  6. Most importantly. HAVE FUN! You will make new friends that will last a lifetime. You will come out with some really great experiences. Do your very best and time will fly. Some cadets have even told me "I was sad that it was over so soon!"