The Sea Cadets are run on the local level by a dedicated corps of adult volunteers. Click here to find out more about what they have to say at the national level about volunteering.

Below is a message from the Commanding Officer of Manatee Division.

Dear Prospective Volunteer,

I hope you've taken a look at most of our website and maybe the National website ( before getting here. I want you to understand the "why" of being an adult volunteer. Some of us have had the opportunity to serve in the military and it certainly helps someone new cut through all the jargon and understand a military organization.

However, many (if not most) of the people who are adult volunteers don't have a military background. Most of the Officer/Instructor Corps is made up of parents and guardians of cadets. This program will not work without a strong cadre of dedicated volunteers.

I try to create a rewarding and enriching environment for my adult staff. They give a lot of time and effort to be on my staff and you should feel enriched by it. Here's what I try to provide:

    • A sense of reward and appreciation for the work they are doing.
    • Opportunity for training, advancement, and a sense of forward momentum.
    • Leadership opportunities.
    • If they choose to do so (with approval), support for wearing Navy uniforms and to advance through rank in the Officers' Corps.
    • I also endorse my officers and staff for opportunities like staffing Advanced Training that they find interesting.
    • A way to proudly use their skills to positively impact our Nation's youth.

I try to find billets that meet your skills and the Division's needs. There will be a demand on your time and we are all accountable to the Cadets, each other, and to the Chain of Command. All prospective adult volunteers must complete an interview with me prior to moving forward with the application process. I want them to be fully briefed and understand what they are getting into.

If this sounds appealing, regardless of whether you have cadets in the program or not, contact me to discuss the next steps.

Very Respectfully,

INST Heather Jackson, NSCC

Commanding Officer